Great for Your Home’s Beauty and Value

When natural stone is the same price, and installs under the same specifications as fake stone, why deal with the frustration, cost of repair, and unsightly problems associated with leaching lime and decaying synthetic stones.

Mother nature always builds a more lasting, more beautiful and more vibrant product. YoreTM Stone, natural stone, is always the best way to go.

Yore™ Stone–natural stone–is more lasting, more beautiful, more unique and more cost effective than the alternative. Because Yore™ Stone is the same price and installs under the same specifications as synthetic, natural stone is without question the best choice for residential stone veneer. A home deserves natural stone….

Yore™ Stone provides infinitely distinct shapes and matchless vibrancy of organic color.

Yore™ Stone, natural stone, is cultured by nature over the course of millions of years—the only sure way to produce the uniqueness of shape and matchless vibrancy of organic color that your family’s home deserves.

Yore™ Stone doesn’t leach white lime from their center.

With Yore™ Stone, you don’t get the unpleasant leaching of white lime from the center of the stone—as you unfortunately get with synthetic, fake products. There is nothing more frustrating than a home covered in white blotches of lime.

Yore™ Stone doesn’t decay and dismantle under winter conditions.

Salt and ice melt, often applied to sidewalks and driveways during the winter months, have no affect on the lastingness and appearance of Yore™ Stone. This is not the case with synthetic materials. Salt and ice melt can rapidly, within a few short months, erode and decay your synthetic rock exterior–causing the face of the thin fake stone to crumble and reveal the crusty, fabricated subsurface of the cloned product. Salt and ice melt can also cause synthetic stones to detach from your home entirely.

Yore™ stone can take a hard punch.

Great for you

Yore™ Stone, natural Stone, is cured and tested by immense pressure, millions of years and the unrelenting elements—resulting in a durability and lastingness that cannot be matched by fake stone.   When you pull up to your home each and every day, you’ll know the choice you made.