Naturally Unique, Naturally Yore™ Custom Stone.

Only nature could produce the uniqueness of shape and color that you’ve found for your project or home. We’re happy you discovered your favorite stone, where ever you did, and we’re prepared to source it and craft it for affordable and professional installation.

Our systems and equipment for thin veneer stone cutting will prepare your stone for installation on your home, building or project.

While we offer our primary natural stones at the same price as synthetic, we can also source any natural stone that you may find in your search for the perfect stone. If the natural stone that you love is not already in our product line, we will find it and process it into a thin veneer for a better price. Thin veneer stone cutting…

Send us a picture or sample of the stone you have found.

You finally found it – The perfect stone! Your uniquely identified natural stone provides the distinct shapes and matchless vibrancy of Organic Color that you’ve been searching for.

We will provide you with a free estimate.

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We will source it, craft it and deliver it.

Great for you

We’ll craft it into perfect corner stones that present with the same heft and substance as full bed corner stones. We’ll craft it into beautiful, unique face stones. We’ll craft it into matching ledge stones and sills that provide a professional and structurally sound finish.

Your final Yore™ Stone will deliver directly to your home for affordable installation under the same specifications as synthetic stone.