Meet the Team

Ben Geiger 

Founder / Master Mason

Michelle Geiger

Sales / Business Development

Tyler Howard

Sales / Business Development

Paul Wright

Sales / Business Development

We live nature. We love nature. We deliver nature.


We have tools and equipment to craft natural stone so that it can be affordably and easily applied to your home or building.


Natural stone requires no certification because it is built and cultured by millennia of natural forces and elements. Man-made stone requires certification and standards because it is trying to approximate the strength and beauty of Yore Stone.


It is our goal to relieve you of the financial need to choose inferior man made stone.  Real stone, for the same price as synthetic.   When it comes to the product itself, it is impossible for faux stone to compete with natural stone.


Guaranteeing our natural stone is like guaranteeing lumber cut from a mighty red-wood.  It simply goes without saying that the guaranty of products built by God’s hands is self-evident.


Our products are crafted with the consideration that can only come from decades of experience in stone masonry and with feedback gleaned from thousands of man-hours of stone masons who have applied Yore Stone to hundreds of homes and commercial buildings.


We have the business experience and trade experience necessary to answer any question you may have as it relates to various details of stone masonry and using Yore Stone to perfect the construction and beauty of your home or building.

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